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"Saffron" is just one of the many aliases of a female con artist living in the Firefly-verse. She has been doing her job for many years, assuming convenient identities in order to pull off crimes such as theft. She is very untrustworthy and rarely shows her true personality, considering it to be somewhat disadvantageous towards her career; in fact, she really considers herself to be relatively normal, once informing Mal that everyone plays everyone else.

She has also developed somewhat of a habit of marrying her marks, evidenced when Mal Reynolds discovers she has been married to at least two other men besides him. Mal and the crew of Firefly have run into her twice during the course of the show: once, when Mal unintentionally married her in an obscure ceremony and she pretended to be a demure, subservient woman in order to sabotage the ship into being salvaged by pirates; however, her plan is foiled at the last minute, but she gets away safely. The second time occurs when she convinces Mal to steal a priceless artifact belonging to another "husband"; while she does manage to steal it in the end, the crew double-crosses her and steals the artifact for themselves, leaving her in a trash bin to be picked up by the authorities.

Her real name is unknown; she has posed as "Yolanda" to Mal's friend Monty, and was known as "Bridget" to wealthy man Durran (according to Mal, Durran seems to be her only real husband, because she seems to have genuine feelings for him and possesses some regret over having lied to him). Inara Serra also points out that Saffron has had some Companion training, which aids her in seducing her marks. She also tends to revert back to her power of seduction when cornered or outnumbered in a situation, suggesting that this response has worked well for her in the past. Upon first glance, she appears to be an innocent woman, but she is also capable of being somewhat merciless.
The character of Saffron belongs to Joss Whedon and Firefly. Christina Hendricks belongs to herself. This journal is exclusively for roleplaying, and no profit is being made. Mun and character are over 18.
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